About Us

Peter Berger

Peter Berger has been CEO, Founder and Adviser to technology companies for 7 years. Prior to People+ he was the Director of Strategic Development at Tagged, one of the largest social networks in the world with over 300 million registered users, in over 200 countries, leading Tagged’s efforts in mergers and acquisitions, investor relations and directly advising the executive team on strategic product and market challenges and opportunities. Formerly, he was the Program Manager at Tagged and acted as the Chief of Staff to the CTO managing an approximately 100-person engineer organization spanning three continents.

Prior to Tagged, Peter was the former CEO of Topicmarks, which was acquired by Tagged in 2011. He is an Entrepreneur in Residence to the International Computer Science Institute, Berkeley (ICSI); and an adviser to French Telecom’s Orange Fab incubator program; 3 Letter Firm, a next generation public transportation software company and several other stealth start-ups. He is the Organizer of the Silicon Valley Semantic Technology Group (since 2007), which has over 1000 members. He has been a guest lecturer at Cornell University, Co-Chair of the Annual IEEE-ICSC Conference and has been both a member and a moderated of numerous panels on the use of meaning based computation technology.

Peter has launched several websites & start-ups, including: TheBoxTigerMusic.com; a website dedicated to providing users with Karaoke Machine Reviews on the best karaoke machines.

Kate Scisel

Kate Scisel has been CEO, Founder, Adviser and manager of technology companies for 7 years. She loves collaborating on initiatives that involve using emerging technologies to solve interesting problems. She combines the ‘European rationality’ with the Silicon Valley’s ‘sky is the limit’ attitude. Kate is the first female EIR and Adviser to International Computer Science Institute, Berkeley (ICSI), which is a leading center for research in computer science and one of the few independent research institutes in the United States.

Prior to that, Kate was a Chief Operating Officer for Erlang Solutions, PL (acquired by Trifork), which is a global company behind the Erlang programming language certificates and conferences and specializes in providing businesses with truly scalable solutions based on the Erlang programming language. Additionally, she was a core member of the founding team of TEDxKrakow, where she organized TEDx events featuring dozens of speakers with audiences of several hundred attendees.

Daniel Mendalka

Daniel Mendalka is a software engineer specializing in Android and related operating systems. He is one of the few GDG (Google Developer Groups) country leaders and was selected as one of 2000 developers to receive Google Glass for early development.

Prior to People+, he founded several start-ups, notably Sellbox, a tool that lets you sell any file from your Dropbox or Google Drive account to your Facebook Fans and Twitter followers in seconds. Daniel was a Senior Developer for the Global Education Network for Satellite Operations, which, in collaboration with NASA and other space agencies, developed better ways for ground station to share information about spacecraft. He has also been a Senior Developer at Artelis, a telecommunications company. Daniel has a Computer Science degree from University of Technology (Poznan) , where he worked in the famed Mobile Systems Research Laboratories.

Daniel is an avid traveller, and has a collection of travel pillows (lol). He brings a different one in everyday after tackling the metro. A true travel pillow hero!