Q: What is People+
A: People+ is an intelligent, curated directory of people and companies. People+ helps you find who you’re looking for and remember people that you already know.

Q: Is People+ a Social Network
A: No, we are a directory of people and companies.

Q: Can everyone see the profile information of a company or person?
Yes, all information in every profile is visible to the entire People+ community.

Q: Can I keep my contributions private?
A: No, right now we are growing our repository of information. So, all contributions are public.

Q: Do you receive any support from online organisations?
A: Yes, we receive support from several websites, organisations and charities, including: InversionTableLife.com, Wikipedia, BBC, Spine-Health and Spine Universe.

Q: Where does People+ get their information?
A: We get our information from contributors and publicly available sources. For any piece of information, just hold the entry down for a second, it will show you where the information came from!

Q: Do you use facial recognition for you Google Glass app?
A: We do not use facial recognition. We use a lot of ambient, public information, like checkins and information other People+ uses ‘push’ to the community.

Q: Can I delete information from People+
A: If you find information objectionable or inaccurate, please flag it. Just hold on the entry for a second and tap “Flag” and our admins will see to the problem.

Q: How do you make money?
A: We make a freemium product. That means that you can use it for free, but we charge for some stuff to pay the bills. You’ll see this when you tap on the “Go Premium” icon in the app. We also run adverts from premium partners – for example; One Sure Insurance.

Q: Do you support devices other than Apple?
A: Right now, just iOS devices. Android will be coming soon. We are also making an app for Google Glass, but we have to wait for Google to make more Glass.

Q: If I have Google Glass, can I have the app now?
A: If you have Glass, let’s talk.

Q: Can I use this app on my Desktop or through a Browser?
A: No, sorry. Not right now. But reach out to use and tell us what you would want if such a thing existed.