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A Durham Nursery – Homely Yet Professional

Your child is precious to you so when the time comes that you have to leave him or her out of the home for a considerable time, quite naturally you will want to be extra careful in choosing the best option. The nursery where you send your child has to be top rated in terms of quality and care provided. You can choose a nursery from neighboring areas of Durham so that your baby does not have to travel much. You will get the best Durham nursery which has day-care facility attached to it. The sincere and devoted staff makes the place suitable for children as young as 3 months. If your child is school-going you can avail daycare Durham for after school hours.

When keeping your child at any nursery, safety and security are the primary concerns for you. Some of the best nursery in Durham is located within the premises of a primary school. The grounds and surrounding areas are clean and hygienic with proper security systems in place. The staff attending to babies in daycare Durham are trained caregivers. The children get a homely atmosphere where they are comfortable and hence feel relaxed and composed. The toddlers who would be stepping into schools soon are given basic tuitions by teachers trained in child education.

The teachers engaged are degree holders in early education and the teaching pattern is designed age-wise and curriculum is set to appropriate for each age group. Children learn while playing in a friendly and happy atmosphere. Nursery Durham encourages children to socialize, play and learn. Stress is laid on physical as well as mental development of each and every child. Some of the best teaching aids are provided here for the comprehensive development of your child. In daycare Durham, each child is given personal attention and care and all their needs are promptly attended to.

Durham nursery attempts to provide care for your school-going children before and after school hours till you pick them up. When you leave for work you can drop your child here and after a nutritious breakfast, they are taken to school. After school ends the children are brought back to the centre where they spend quality time playing with friends. There are open gardens and many constructive play things to keep them happy and engaged. Nursery in Durham and day care facilities are extended even during vacations and term breaks keeping you tension free. Children can join club activities where they are encouraged to pursue a hobby they choose.

Interaction with parents and regular update about your child’s development is provided through e-mail, video clips, and pictures. Parents are encouraged to share their valuable inputs too. Overall development of each child is the primary aim of the Durham nursery. Nutritious snacks and meals that are prepared in-house are served to the children. Nursery Durham has several certificates and awards authenticating the high standard being followed. You can get information about the centre by e-mail when you make an inquiry through the website. Visit the place with your child for a better understanding of the facilities and overall atmosphere. That will help you in making up your mind.