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Things You Should Know About the Free Boiler Grant Scheme

The free boiler grant scheme sometimes referred to as Energy Company Obligation (ECO) is a scheme introduced in 2013 to assist those who spend over 10 percent of their income on fuel to heat their homes. If you meet the criteria to qualify for the free boiler grant scheme, you will be given a grant towards a new boiler which will help lessen your bills.

Due to the several benefits that come with the scheme, a lot of people have been going from one boiler grant to the other in order to know if they are eligible for the free boiler grant. If you fall into this category people, here are a few things you should know about the free boiler grant:

Only private tenants and home owners can apply for the free boiler grant. And in order to be eligible, private tenants will have to get permission from their landlord first before applying. Energy providers will be providing funds up to £1.3 billion each year the scheme would be operational. In addition, the boiler grants will be made available until 2018 when the ECO closes its doors on the scheme.

Energy providers are mandated to pay a fine if they fail to meet up with the carbon emissions target laid down by the government. Your existing boiler has to be less than 86 percent for you to be eligible. What this means is that your existing boiler must have a rating between B and C for it to be eligible for replacement.

Depending on the company that would carry out the installation, the grant for oil boiler process could take anywhere between 2 Р3 months until the day the boiler gets installed. Approximately 2.5 million households are likely to benefit from the free boiler grant. And you may just happen to be one of those lucky households that will benefit from it. Finally, the free boiler grant will help reduce costs, particularly during the winter period.