Sergey Brin Biography about His Career and Personal Life

Nowadays, Google is so popular. Well, Sergey Brin and Larry Page are the people behind this great search engine. However, some people still do not know them well.

Of course, it is interesting to know more about the men behind the technology. In this case, the life journey of Sergey will become the topic to discuss and explore in this part.

Sergey’s Early Life

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Sergey was born on August 21, 1973. He was born in Moscow, Russia. His full name is Sergey Mikhaylovich Brin, and he is born in Jewish family.

His brilliant mind cannot be separated from the background of his parent. His father, Michael Brin, is mathematician and he worked at University of Maryland. Then, his mother, Eugenia Brin, was a scientist and she worked in NASA.

These background made Sergey got supports in his education. However, his early life did not run smoothly since he was Jewish and he was born in Russia. His life started to be better when his family moved to America.

Sergey’s Early Education

At first, he studied in Mishkan Torah Hebrew School. Most of the Jewish kids studied in here. However, Sergey was uncomfortable since he was bullied. His Russian accent made his friends bully him.

Then, he moved to Paint Branch Montessori School in Maryland. In here, he was comfortable. Moreover, the director of the school, Patty Barshay, was friend of his father.

When Sergey Brin was in this school and under the mentoring of Patty Barshay, Sergey grew his interest in number and mathematics. Moreover, he also got supports from his parents.

Sergey Journey in Stanford University

Because of his brilliance, Sergey Brin could pass the early education well. Then, he continued his study in Stanford University. It is the prestigious university in term of technology. Moreover, it is located in Silicon Valley.

In his study, he still developed his interest in Mathematics. Then, he started to like the internet technologies. Specifically, he focused in the development of search engine.

Then, the important moment is when he met Lawrence “Larry” Page. At first, they could not find good connection. However, it changed when they started to talk about search engine. It is also the moment when they started the birth of Google.

Sergey and the Birth of Google

Sergey and Larry are two persons who made and developed Google. At first, the search engine was only limited to the students of Stanford University. Then, they use their room as office and server of the search engine.

However, the users kept increasing and they started to use it broadly. However, they needed investors to develop the search engine further. Unluckily, it was not easy to get investors.

They tried to sell the engine to Yahoo! And other corporations, but they were refused. Finally, they obtained investor from Andy Bechtolsheim. With it, they could develop Google until it could be as what we see nowadays.

Sergey’s Personal Life

With the success in Google, Sergey also could achieve good life. In May 2007, he gets married and Anne Wojcicki became his wife. She is a biologist with awesome career.

They have two kinds. Unfortunately, the no longer live together, but they remain in their marriage. Even, they still become great friends to support each other.

Then, in 2008, Sergey showed his intention to go to International Space Station. Actually, Sergey Brin and Larry already invested in development of spacecraft and it is prepared to land to the moon.

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