3 These figures are confirmed to enter Hell on the Day of Judgment according to the Koran

World life is the second phase of all stages that a human being will go through. All who live and live in this world will be eternal and live in a realm called the Hereafter. Well, when we are in that world we have to choose between two, Heaven or Hell.

In Islam, all Muslims will later be put into heaven. Yes, even though as a ticket to heaven, we will also be tortured in hell first according to the evil deeds committed in the world. But, there are tables of names that have been written as eternal inhabitants of hell. Who are they? Get ready, see the review below!

The stability of the son of Prophet Adam AS

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You certainly have heard the name Qabil, the son of Prophet Adam who killed his own brother right? Qabil clashed with his brother Abel only because of the problem of fighting over a more beautiful life partner. However, when told to draw closer to God with the qurban requirements to get the idol, Qabil actually gave a bad farming result. That made the results of Qabil’s qurban not accepted, so jealousy made him kill his brother.

According to the words of the Prophet Muhammad, every murderous sin from the past, his sin was also borne by Qabil because he first exemplified this heinous act. This is explained in the Qur’an (Al Baqarah: 29) if Qabil will enter hell.

Qarun, a rich man of the time of Prophet Musa, AS

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When you hear the treasure of Qarun or Karun, what comes to mind is hidden treasure in the land without its owner. Yes, because this story originated from the story of a wealthy man of the time of Moses. In a narrative of Ibn Abbas, Qarun is said to be the cousin of Prophet Moses who previously obeyed worship but lived a cause of concern. He asked Moses to pray for him to be a person who was well off. The prayer was fulfilled, Qarun became a wealthy billionaire, who carried the key to his wealth. It took 70 people to ride camels.

Unfortunately, wealth made him dark and became a slave to the world. Qarun forgets Allah and continues to boast about his property. In fact, he did not hesitate to challenge Moses to pray for his destruction. At that time the punishment of Allah came, he and his treasure were drowned in the bowels of the earth and were said to be residents of hell, according to the statement of the Koran (Surah Al-Ankabut verse 39).

Pharaoh, the King of Egypt who claimed God

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Pharaoh is the name of another dissident in the time of Prophet Musa AS. He was the King of Egypt who was known to be very cruel, in fact rejected the truth brought by Moses and claimed to be the one God and must be worshiped. The story of Pharaoh is very clearly explained in the Koran. It began when he ordered to kill every baby boy born, adopted the US Musa, to become the great enemy of Prophet Moses when the prophet had received revelation from God.

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