7 Indonesian Film Quotes that are Remembered of All Time

The prestige of Indonesian films is often stacked with the same prestige as outside films, but about the quality of films, it doesn’t need to be questioned. In fact, the world is now more glimpsed. The proof, some Indonesian actors can compete in Hollywood films and the film penetrates the international festival market.

It’s not Indonesia if you don’t have something that can be neutralized. From time to time, there are always Indonesian film quotes that are remembered and often spoken by the public and remembered all the time.

In the form of memes or just sayings, here are nine legendary Indonesian film quotes from time to time. Come on, see!

1. “What does the world say?” (Nagabonar)

Source: fimela.com

From the film Nagabonar (1986), the name Deddy Mizwar skyrocketed. Become an Indonesian soldier who struggles to drive away invaders. The film that is currently being watched is still this exciting sequel, Nagabonar Jadi 2 (2007).

Now, “What does the world say?” So the quote is remembered until now. Actually, not only that, the quote “Hey bachelor, I told you not to fight you are still fighting, you die being eaten by worms” is also popular. However, it is not as popular as “What does the world say”.

2. “I keep getting it wrong? My friends are friends?” (Ada Apa dengan Cinta?)

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What’s the film with love? (2002) should be acknowledged as a cool return point for Indonesian films. Starring Dian Sastro and Nicholas Saputra, this film became part of the high school generation ‘2000s. The quote “continues to go wrong, my friend? My friends?” became a hit until now.

3. “Bang, Sate bang!” (Sundel Bolong)

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Movie quotes above are not only popular among film lovers. Popularized by Suzzanna, especially in the film Sundel Bolong (1981), the quote often references other horror films for the same scene.

I admit, bro, you guys, when you read the quote “Bang, Satya Bang”, surely your tone of voice is the same as Suzzanna’s voice to the artisan satay in the film Sundel Bolong.

4. “The blood is red, General!” (The suppression of Pengkhianatan G 30 S PKI)

Source: nasional.tempo.co

Film Pengkhasan Pengkhianatan G 30 S PKI (1984) is predicted to become a costly film in his day. The film also has a long enough duration to tell about what happened on the eve of the PKI rebellion. Apart from the film’s pros and cons, the quote “Blood is red, General!” became viral in his day.

5. “Gile lu, Ndro!” (Warkop DKI Saga)

The quotes of Indonesian comedy films above were also hit until now. The “Gile lu, Ndro!” Quote is a dialogue that is often spoken by Casinos and Dono in all DKI Warkop films.

Usually, the above sentence comes out after Indro does something ridiculous. In fact, the legendary quote was made by the film Gile Lu Ndro (2018).

6. “Hayaaati …” (Sinking of the Van Der Wijck Ship)

Source: youtube.com

The above quotation is a call from Zainuddin (Herjunot Ali) to Hayati (Pevita Pearce). With sadness and hope, Zainuddin called him distinctively with his accent.

Practically, after the film Sinking Kapal Van Der Wijck (2013), the above call is often used by people in calling Pevita in the social media comment column.

7. “Don’t miss, be heavy, you won’t be strong.” (Dilan 1990)

Source: tribunnews.com

The movie quote above surely you still remember. Appointed from the Pidi Baiq novel, Dilan 1990 (2018) became one of the best-selling films in Indonesia. One of the things that made this film successful and memorable was Dilan’s comeback to Milea, which made the audience blush through “don’t miss, be heavy, you won’t be strong”.

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