7 Types and Prices of the Latest Falk Birds by 2020

Falk bird or known by the name cockatiel has long been an excellent beloved of bird lovers. Even until 2020. Unique crest shape with a body size that is not too big makes it even more attractive. The type and price of falk birds are very varied.

The bird originally came from mainland Australia has a distinctive tweet. Usually, falk birds live in groups. Now its spread in the Indonesian market is quite broad. Making it possible for anyone to try to maintain it.

The Physical Characteristics of the Falk Bird

Falk birds have very unique physical characteristics. If you pay attention, this bird has a fleeting tuft like the crest of a parrot. This crest is usually faded yellow or follows the color of the body dominant.

Besides having a unique crest, this bird also has a relatively small body size. Falk birds can only grow to a length of 30 cm including the tail. These two physical features are what you can recognize to distinguish them from other bird species.

Types of Falk Birds

Falk Bird

For those of you who are interested in maintaining this Australian parakeet, of course, you should get to know its species as an initial step in the introduction. This will also help avoid type and price scams. To avoid this, here are 7 species of falk birds that are most commonly found in Indonesia.

  1. Falk Pied

This type has a white feather base with a distinctive black pattern spread on its back. Falk pied has a yellow feather pattern that no other falk bird has. This type also produces other superior derivatives such as Cinnamon Pied and White Pied.

  1. Falk Pearl

The falk pearl has the main characteristic of white polka-dot pattern like pearl or resembles batik. The beauty of his body makes the price of this type is quite high.

  1. Falk Lutino

Many consider this type of bird more adorable than scary. Falk lutino has a white-dominant coat with red or orange cheeks. Not infrequently you can find the rare red-eye lutino.

  1. Falk Cinamon

Falk cinnamon is believed to be the result of tillers of the falk pied type. As the name implies falk cinnamon has fur with a predominant color of faded ash or brown typical of cinnamon or cinnamon. This type also has a face with a red circle on the cheek like the type of lutino.

  1. Falk White Face

For those of you who want a type of bird with pure white color, then you can choose the type of falk white face. The white warrants can bring a calm atmosphere to the owner of the bird. Although the color is calm, the voice of the gacor is still laying on the fighting.

  1. Wild Falk

This type of Falk is found in its natural habitat in Australia. Wild Falk has a firm gray or brown color which adds to the buyer’s appeal. Although his ancestors lived in the wild, now wild falk can be found easily in the Indonesian market.

  1. Falk Albino

Falk albino puppies of any type of falk that has a gene defect or albino. Although said to be flawed, the color of the bird is very interesting. The price of a 3-month-old albino falk bird is pegged at around 2 million rupiahs. The price is expensive because it is still rarely found.

The special thing is the Falk Bird

Falk Bird

Each type of bird has its features. This is what makes birds more attractive even though the price of falk birds is relatively expensive. Still hesitant to raise this beautiful bird? The following features falk bird that will make you more interested.

  1. Unique appearance

The falk has a pretty unique appearance. In addition to crested as its main physical characteristic, the style on the back of its wings is classified as exclusive. The combination of feathers and patterns is what adds to the uniqueness of the falk.

  1. The size is not too big

Its size is not too large allows you to save cage space for birds per tail.

  1. Easy to Tame

Although folks are originally wild birds, they are easy to tame. Especially when maintaining it since childhood. That way the bird is not only friendly with you but also with children.

  1. Easy to Train

Want to improve bird skills easily? Certainly can. Falcons also have adaptability so they are easy to train. Only with a maximum of 1-month training, a bird can do some basic tricks.

  1. Easy to Print Puppies

Some of these birds are also easy to breed. The ease of printing these tillers is widely used as a business opportunity. Especially considering the high selling price for one puppy.

Tips on Caring for Falk Birds

Falk Bird

Caring for pets certainly requires patience. Good maintenance will have a good effect on pets too, you who are just starting a hobby of raising folks can try the following tips as an initial description of proper maintenance.

  1. Bathe with Routine

Like other pets falk birds also need special attention to maintain their health. Wash the birds routinely about a maximum of 3 days by spraying.

  1. Give Distraction

Giving interludes apart from the main feed such as millet or other you can do 1 or 2 times a week. Give a distraction in the form of chicory or sprouts.

  1. Keep the Cage Clean

Bird health is also determined by the cleanliness of the cage. Not infrequently most diseases come from cages that are not kept clean. To avoid this, clean the cages and drinking places of birds at least once a day.

  1. Train to Tame Easy

Care can also be taken to print docile birds. Train the birds little by little so that the bird is more friendly. You need to know the price of a docile falk bird can touch the price of 1.5 million per head. Especially if you can talk then the price will be higher.

Price list for Falk birds

Falk Bird

Here is a list of some of the most popular falk birds prices most every year:

Type Falk Bird Price
Falk Pastel Face Rp 1.350.000
Falk Bird 1 Pair Rp 3.500.000
Falk Pied Rp 1.200.000
Falk Pearl Rp 1.300.000
Falk Lutino Red Eye Rp 2.000.000
Falk Cinnamon Rp 1.600.000
Falk White Face Rp 3.000.000
Falk Mature Rp. 1.000.000
Falk Parent Rp 1.800.000
Falk Albino Rp 5.000.000
Teenager Falm Rp. 800.000

How to Buy a Falk Bird

Falk Bird

Purchasing falk birds can be done online through certain sites or can also be purchased online or in person. For those of you who live in Jakarta, you can buy it at the Pramuka Market pet section.

Apart from Jakarta, the spread of falk birds is fairly evenly distributed in other cities. Starting from the city of Bandung, Medan, Jogja, Pekanbaru to Semarang. So, for those of you who live in Semarang or even in solo, you can certainly buy it at the right price of the falk.

Research before buying. Make sure the place to buy birds is a trusted place. Also, check the type of falk bird to be purchased. Compare with other sellers to get the right price. After getting a bird, treat it well so that it can bring in more profits.

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