4 Ingenious Bedroom Storage Ideas (No More Cluttered)

Talking about bedroom storage ideas never comes to end. There are plenty choices of storage that you can opt for, however not all of them are suitable for your bedroom. Since storage keeps the room neat and organized, it sounds worthy to get proper storage option for the bedroom.

These are some choices of storage option that you can imitate for bedroom. Coming with insanely clever ideas, there is no way to refuse them.

Shelves along Perimeter

You might never think to have shelves near the bedroom ceiling. However, this idea sounds really clever since you can build shelves along the perimeter. This works best for small bedroom ideas that requires you to make use every inch of the space.

The shelves can be used to store old accessories that are rarely used, yet you cannot throw them away. Since it is quite high above your head, you do not need to frequently go up and down to access the stored stuff.

Use Binder Clips on Desk

It looks simple but cords are quite frustrating. While you have many gadgets around but cannot help to see the cords everywhere, this storage idea is what you need to deal with. The binder clips makes the cord look sleek and organized, not to mention tangled-free.

Simple clip the binder clips onto the desk and hang the cords on it. This is one of bedroom storage ideas that you can try. No more tangled cords. Whenever you need, simply plug the chargers in to your gadget and put it on the table.

Crown Molding Shoes Rack

Do you have shoes collections but do not know how to organize them? Shoes are commonly stored in the closet or clear boxes. Unfortunately, it takes much space which means another problem for bedroom with space issue. As the solution, you can consider vertical storage with crown molding.

Use crown molding storage idea to save your precious shoes. Crown molding looks blending with the wall; therefore no need to worry the rack will obstruct the whole concept of your bedroom. You can also paint the molding with the same color of your wall to make it more harmonious.

This DIY shoe rack works best for shoes with heels because you can simply hang the heels on it. Not only for shoes, is this rack actually functional as clothes hanger, too.

Use Shower Curtain Rings

Bathroom stuff can also be used to organize your bedroom. The shower curtain rings can be a clever idea to hang your tank tops. Especially if you have small closer and drawer, it will be really helpful to save space. The making process is also simple:

  • Use hanger to attach shower rings
  • Hang tank tops on the rings
  • Keep the hanger into closet or doorframe

Surely, it is one of best storage ideas for the bedroom. In short, your bedroom deserves proper and smart storage to keep the stuff organized. With ingenious bedroom storage ideas, say good bye to cluttered bedroom.

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