6+ Best Wedding Gifts for Friends and Relatives (Cheap and elegant)

Marriage is a sacred memory. Sometimes indigenous adults make us confused about the best gift we want to give. Best wedding gift that is often given is money. Besides being simple, money can also help newly married couples start their new lives.

However, in this modern era there are many unique gifts that you can give money. The following are unique gifts that you can enter and the philosophy you can choose for the gift.

1. Blankets

blankets pink colour

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Blankets are objects that will be used for sleep or when cold. Blankets also provide a comfortable and comfortable feeling for the wearer. In addition, blankets can also be interpreted as warmth that can be realized in the household.

2. Couple of pajamas

best gifts wedding couplen pajamas

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Best wedding gifts Pajamas in pairs. Pajamas are unique sleepwear. By giving pajamas, you can give romance to newly married friends.


The Qur'an Bible

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In Indonesia, Yasin along with publishing the Koran for mementos that have been well packaged in paper bags along with sophisticated displays with very intense colors. Not only that, in Indonesia, mementos are something that needs to be given to people invited to the event, be it celebrations, marital relations, or knowledge of the Qur’an.

Now for all Koran types which are usually a memento, you can give in the Koran shops that offer the Qur’an, whether it’s memorization, waqf, or as a memento.


shopping bag inspirations

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People who make changes use plastic bags and also switch to using shopping bags to carry their belongings. This is an initiative to reduce waste which is challenging to rot and can pollute the environment. For this reason, you don’t need to buy twice to offer you to buy a souvenir in a Tote Bag Type.

The design of the shoulder bag is as attractive as possible. You can enter your name and also friends given to cheap visitors. There is no need to be too big to ensure that the shopping bag display remains sophisticated. In addition, choose a tote bag that is dense and not easy to tear. One type of product used to make bags is canvas material with a texture that is smooth, strong and not flexible.

Product choices certainly affect the price of tote. If your plan is not excessive, you can choose spunbond. Even though it’s not as smooth as a canvas, it’s very strong. And you can get it for only around Rp. 2,000 only. Economical right?

5. Unique Key Chain

 Unique Key Chain ideas

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Best Wedding Gifts in the form of clothes hangers and you can give them to your friends. Clothes hangers as a sign of family unification. Gives side effects to families who are united and gather together in a bond. This gift also helps your friends to tidy up their clothes and blast them.

6. Photo Frame

Photo frame ideas and inspirations

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Only people here and now are more sophisticated and some people prefer to capture their images on the device, but there is no difficulty in choosing photos such as souvenirs.

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