4 Rules of Birthday Party Invitations (Highly Recommended Following)

Having an upcoming birthday party means you need to prepare birthday party invitations. You are about to invite people, so there should be an invitation to give a notice to your guests. Furthermore, invitation may include important information that should be announced.

Regarding the invitations, there are several tips you can follow on what to do to invite people. What are they? Let’s check them out here.

Including the Basic Information

Birthday Party Invitations

It is very important and you cannot miss it. There is basic information you need to include in the invitation. Here is what to include.

Purpose of the event and style

Since it is a birthday party event, you can simply show it in the invitation cards. It can be very simple. Mind your language whether the party is formal or informal. You can also mention what style you apply: formal or casual.

The place

It cannot be missed for sure. If you only invite close people who know your home, the place can simply mention your home as the venue of the party. If you hold it in a particular place such as a café, hotel, restaurant, and many more, it is best to mention its complete address.

The time

Do not forget to include what time the party will start and also what time it will end. Writing both of the time is necessary to inform your guest how long they will stay at your party.

Special instructions

If you want the guest to wear a dress code, you have to mention it in your birthday party invitations.

Additional information

For additional information, you can add whether your guests may bring a partner or not. One thing that cannot be forgotten is to ask them to RSVP, so you are able to plan better. In case of allergies, type of food you will serve can be mentioned as well.

Making Invitations for Casual Event

There are two ways you can do when you are making invitations for casual event. Firstly, you can choose a conversational tone in invitations. Another option is to state what you want to say as simple as possible. Whatever your choice, you must still include the basic information.

Making Invitations for Formal Event

Birthday Party Invitation

A formal tone should be used when you create invitations for formal event. However, you are free to choose between using formal wording or not. Additionally, some people might handwrite the invitations. Yet, it is up to you.

What to Avoid In Making Invitations

It is best not to include anything other than what have been listed above if you do not have anything else to mention. Keep it simple and direct to what you want to say. One thing you may want to add is about the gift. You can state that you do not accept any gift by saying “No gift, please”.

This is the end of things you need to do in making birthday party invitations. Happy trying and good luck for the party!

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