Catering Business Differences With Restaurant

At this time in Indonesia there are already many types of businesses that are starting to develop. The emergence of this new business is also based on increasingly sophisticated technological developments. Because of technological decelopments make everyone it’s easier to do the work and do other activity.

In fact today technology already like a friend in everyone’s life. Starting from small childern, teenagers, adults, even parents everyone is defitinely using the latest technology in his life. This latest technology like as the most sophicticated gadget, the latest computer devices, up to several social media applications that have recently emerged.

3 Differences In Catering And Restaurants

Technological developments are also used for advance some business. One of the latest business that uses technological development is business in the food sector. If talking about business in the food sector so there are lost of names and types of business. Start from restaurant, cafe, catering services, and etc.

But for you who will open a business in the food sector then you must know in advanced what the difference between one type of business in the field of food with another type. For example Catering Business Differences With Restaurant.

Even though it is in the some field but both of the business are very different. Some different from restaurant and catering Kudus are:

Service system to customers

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The first catering business differences with Restaurant, are the service system to customers. Usually, in the restaurant, they has its own waiters. Whereas, customers can choose their own food menu without having to be offered. Although not infrequently, there are also restaurants whose servants offer food menus to customers.

After the customers chooses the food menu, then waiter will provide it in a short time. While the catering they have service system which offers a food menu first. And the food menu can not be prepared anytime soon. Thats meaning you must have to order food for your event long time before the event day is held.

Employment contract of the workers

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Catering in Kudus usually have a temporary employment contract with their workers. This is because the incoming orders are not always available and can not be predicted when they arrive. Different with restaurant, where they have have regular customers. So that work contracts in restaurants as long term.

Customer target

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The next catering business differences with restaurant are the targeted customer. Usually, in the restaurant, there is only one type of service for customers, namely the type of service directly. Customer service of this type can be interpreted as short time service system. Where customers can immediately get the food without the need for an agreement at the beginning.

While the catering business have more types of customer target. Catering service have a wider range of customers. Because catering has several types of service such as service for birthday party, thanksgiving, company event, and many more.

Those were some of differences possessed by restaurant and catering in Kudus.

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