How to Help Kids Enjoy Reading

How to Help Kids Enjoy Reading


For many youngsters, reading does not come back simply. Some youngsters have hassle creating the affiliation between letters and their sounds. different youngsters haven’t nonetheless found a story that interests them and shows simply however fun reading will be.

For all youngsters, though, knowing letters, sounds, and words area unit necessary skills for learning throughout life.

Read together with your youngsters usually, and check out these different easy ways in which to assist them become excited regarding reading: (From Ruang Keluarga)


Start together with your child’s picks. 

Youngsters area unit additional doubtless to browse one thing that interests them. for instance, comics or joke books will be a fun decide for your kid. a comic book will facilitate youngsters perceive that events happen so as a result of stories have a starting, a middle, and an end. They additionally facilitate build vocabulary and show that books will be fun to seem at. Once your kid is comfy with reading, you’ll encourage different choices with a range of difficult content.

Read and read. 

several youngsters reach for an equivalent-books over and yet again. that is not solely OK, it is a sensible thing! Repetition helps youngsters learn the text and in time browse it confidently. every new reading of the book additionally might facilitate them notice one thing new and perceive the story a touch higher. which positive expertise will inspire youngsters to undertake new book.

Read aloud. 

Reading aloud to your youngsters helps them build their vocabulary and introduces new facts and concepts. you furthermore may show that you just relish reading for fun, and facilitate them connect sounds with letters on the page. Reading aloud provides time along that you’re going to all relish.

Create opportunities to browse and write on the far side the pages. 

offer youngsters with several probabilities to browse each day. Write notes and leave them on your child’s pillow, in an exceedingly lunchbox, or in an exceedingly pocket. raise friends and relatives to send postcards, letters, e-mails, or text messages. Leave magnetic letters and words on the refrigerator, and you’ll notice your kid additionally making words, sentences, and stories.

On car/bus/train visits or errands, play word games that build language skills. 


you may strive “I Spy” (“I spy one thing that starts with associate ‘a’ …”) or games wherever you decide a class (like “food”) and everybody should name foods that begin with a precise letter. youngsters usually relish reading the signs they see whereas outside (like those on restaurants and stores, and road signs and billboards).

Sometimes electronic books (e-books) will facilitate encourage reading. 

once your child becomes curious about a book, despite the format, facilitate build connections between the story and your child’s life. begin conversations that build a love of reading and learning.

Get facilitate if you are upset. If you are involved regarding your child’s ability or temperament to browse, get help. seek advice from your child’s doctor or teacher. they’ll be able to counsel ways in which to assist your kid become associate excited reader.

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