How to Raise a Sunken Living Room?

Sunken living room were a popular function in homes of earlier years. In 2011, this layout is not typical, and individuals who have older homes with irregular floor heights typically opt to raise the flooring height to match the surrounding rooms.

This is typically less complicated to achieve compared to you could assume, because the ceiling is generally at the same degree as the ceiling in the various other spaces. Remedying a sunken flooring can make rooms flow with each other better as well as look bigger and extra upgraded.

Step 1 to Raise a Sunken Living Room

Vacant the living room. Eliminate any kind of rug and also cushioning. Use a pry bar, hammer, screwdriver and also pliers to get rid of walls, tack strips and any kind of fasteners left over in the living room subfloor. Clean the subfloor utilizing a mop, dustpan and hoover. Get rid of the material over the nearby subfloor so that at the very least 6 inches of the subfloor is exposed around the boundary of the area.

Step 2 to Raise a Sunken Living Room

Measure the height from the living room subfloor to the base of the adjacent area subfloor. If the living-room is a solitary step down this will certainly be around 7 inches. For further floorings the dimension will certainly be a lot more.

Step 3 to Raise a Sunken Living Room

Remove any upright material such as drywall, paneling or risers between the sunken space as well as the nearby flooring. You usually intend to tie your new flooring to the nearby floor with bolts so that the floorings move as one flooring, rather than two.

Step 4 to Raise a Sunken Living Room

Observe the building used for the adjacent floors. In a lot of cases, you could remove your sunken living room subfloor and also match the building pattern of the nearby flooring. Measure the distance in between flooring joists. Cut new floor joists 24 inches longer compared to your measurement.

Step 5 to Raise a Sunken Living Room

Sister your brand-new joist to an existing joist in a nearby flooring. Sistering ways putting the brand-new board versus the old board as well as drilling through both to join them. Overlap completions 12 inches onto the old joists. Drill 4 lag holes uniformly spaced in a square pattern.

Move your lag bolts through the holes, and bolt them securely to the older beam of lights. Repeat for each joist. Procedure in between your joists and cut 2-by-6-inch or 2-by-8-inch blocks. Fingernail the blocks in between the joists using a nail gun to toenail though the joists and also right into completions of the blocks. Block every 4 feet and surprise your blocks.

Step 6 to Raise a Sunken Living Room

Add additional article sustains if your brand-new joists are not hing on the old floor or joists of the sunken living room. Normally you can develop the existing framework, or you can hinge on as well as connect into the existing framing as well as offer sufficient support.

Step 7 to Raise a Sunken Living Room

Setting plywood subfloor sheathing perpendicular to the joists. Nail every 12 inches on facility utilizing subfloor fasteners, and surprise your joints. Your sheathing could be tongue as well as groove, and you might need to shield and also include a vapor barrier relying on the construction of your existing home. Your new subfloor must match the elevation of the surrounding subfloor specifically.

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