Minimalist Decor Living Room Idea

The living room is a very important part of the house.

Besides the bedrooms, this room is most often visited by residents and guests.

Decorating a living room is certainly not an easy job especially if you want a minimalist concept.

Some of the below minimalist decor living room can be your inspiration to make a comfortable room.

Minimalist decor living room idea

1. Sofa

decor living room modern

cate St Hill

Sofa becomes an item that must be owned by a minimalist design house.

Without a sofa, the room will feel empty and no space to welcome the guests.

A minimalist concept sofa is usually chosen because of the simple appearance of lines and curves.

Generally, the sofa leg is made of wood and consists of 4 feet.

It appears in monochrome.

2. Coffee table

decor a small living room

It feels incomplete if the living room does not have a coffee table.

Besides putting a small dish for guests, another function of the coffee table is complementary decoration of the sofa.

You can choose a small size ones with two or three circular shapes.

If you like rectangular shapes, choose wood-accented ones so that they look simple and elegant.


3. Shelf

decor living room 2019

Shelves in the living room can be an option if the room is quite spacious.

Shelves can be a substitute for clothes closet lemari pakaian to separate the living room and family room to look more aesthetic.

You can put mini objects such as flower vases, photo frames or various furniture that is shabby chic.

You can also put a shelf attached to the wall as a decoration if the living room is small.


4. Cushion

living room art decor


The sofa will look empty if there is no cushion on it.

If the size of your sofa is large enough, you can add two or 3 cushion as a display.

You can choose cushion print or buy the holster separately.

Make sure the color is not striking to display a minimalist impression.

Better if the color of the cushion contrasts with the sofa like black or white.

5. Wall decor

decor living room wall


Don’t leave the living room wall blank, especially if you don’t use wallpaper.

Use decorations like photo frames or wall decors which are now becoming popular on modern style house.

Minimalist impression will appear if you choose wall decor in the form of abstract paintings and not too many colors.

6. Curtain

decor living room simple


Curtain also plays an important role in creating a minimalist impression.

If your window is large, then use a curtain with large and high folds.

If the window is small, use a curtain to touch the floor.

Avoid using bright colored curtains such as yellow or green.

Other variations of curtain can be seen at

7. Carpet

Carpets can be a good option to coat the floor.

You can use a furry carpet that is comfortable and gives a warm feeling to the feet.

The choice of carpet use in the living room is done if the coffee table is small and placed next to the sofa.

Before you buy minimalist decor living room furniture, it’s good to draw the design you want.

Too many items that are purchased will actually make the living room crowded and narrow.

Measure how wide the room is to accommodate various items, including the size of the item you will buy later.

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