4 Party 50th Birthday Ideas (the Top Inspirations)

The golden age is what everyone says when person reaches fifty years old. In that age, human is no longer at peak physical level. On contrary, this age is where you are at the top level as human being. Therefore, party 50th birthday ideas provide the celebration in special day.

You should know that this kind of party is not about fancy, luxury, or glamorous event. Elderly tends to focus on meaningful event that only invites family and close friends. However, the party still needs proper management.

Garden Party

50th Garden Party

Nice party does not have to be in big venue or luxury place. You can manage this event in backyard to create garden party. There is no need to rent and all party support is already available.

The garden party seems a little bit general. You can have small group discussion while the tea serving. Well, party does not have to loud with music. The nice chatter between close friends and family is what you get at this idea.

One benefit is that it’s easy and flexible to adjust with real situation. You just need long table or pedestal then add chair or bench around it.

Dinner Party

Dinner becomes common event when people celebrate their birthday. You can have dinner at following places:

  • Home
  • Restaurant
  • Train, plane, vehicle
  • Amusement park

Why does amusement park become party 50th birthday ideas? Old age have enough experience and time to enjoy this park. This is right moment to gain young spirit again related to mind and emotional.

Keep in mind dinner party is different from regular dinner session. You can invite more than two people to enjoy it. If the dinner only happens for couple, that’s not what called party.

Wine Tasting

Wine tasting is rare choice for birthday idea. However actually, that’s the unique and elegant concept. In golden age, human should be as wine. The older one has better taste to show the rich, meaningful, and excellent taste.

You can invite your friends, college, or school to enjoy this event. There are few things to prepare before making this kind of party, for example:

  • Choosing proper place
  • Preparing budget and cost
  • Selecting the guests and creating invitation
  • Finding a host and guide
  • Accommodating everything

From the above list, it is not something you can have in short time. Prepare one year ahead before the birthday. Make sure to choose the right event organizer to prevent unwanted situation.

Throwback Memory


Throwback Memory 50th Birthday

Old age comes with vast experience in life. There is time where you want to go back again in that time. Reminiscence what you have done in past time will give the vibe and spirit. This is where throwback memory becomes birthday party idea.

What era you want to experience again? You can decorate during 20s, 30s, and 40s age. Common option is 20s and 30s because it’s period where people is in peak productivity. Therefore, this is one of exciting party 50th birthday ideas at all.

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