7 Facts You Need To Know About This Venomous Snake Species

Maybe you already know a lot about this one cannibal animal. Cobra snakes belong to cannibal animals? Then how often do these animals become cannibals? Is it at any time hungry or at other times?

For this reason, scientists have examined a king cobra snake to find out cannibalism habits in this one animal.

1. There are no researchers who know about the practice of cannibalism from cobras

Bryan Maritz is a herpetologist from the University of Western Cape in Bellville, South Africa. Together with his team studied two types of snakes namely the yellow cobra with Boomslang on Mount Kalahari.

Maritz tries to see how the snake attacks birds’ nests and preys on children and eggs. The researchers wanted to find out how these two species used the nest.

2. Not long ago researchers found yellow cobra snakes which were eating other snakes

 Cobra Facts

One day in January when he was looking for snakes this researcher got a radio call from a tour guide. They get information that a pair of large yellow snakes are fighting.

Not much thinking the researchers immediately rushed to the location. Arriving at the scene they saw a giant yellow cobra trying to eat the prey.

3. Yellow Cobra Snake with a Size that Is Large Enough Is Named Hannibal

With pleasure and anxiety the researchers had found their findings. Martiz and the team wanted to make a new case study, often called NN011 or

Hannibal. They rushed to record their new findings in an ecological journal published on October 1.

4. The Kage Researchers Made It By This Snake Because The Practice of Cannibalism Is Done Again and Again

This phenomenon will often be lost again because the phenomenon of cannibalism which is carried out by the cobra is not the first time. Even so, the team did not assume that the event had happened.

The number of observers in their habitat or in the wild is far more. Researchers have considered that is not important anymore. But Martiz has a strange feeling. Before he started this yellow cobra study he asked students to dissect the museum specimen.

To their surprise they found a yellow cobra that ate another cobra. Then this discovery made sure that he needed to investigate how general the practice was carried out.

5. The Researcher Continues to Deepen This Case by Recognizing 5 Cobra Snake Species

Martiz and the team searched for many reports on how to eat cobra in research papers, museums and collected stories from Facebook. There are around 30 species of cobras in African and Asian countries.

But Martiz began to limit their analysis to six species including the yellow cobra in their habitat in southern Africa.

6. It turns out cannibalism has become a common phenomenon of six species

 Cobra Facts

From each of these species there are approximately 13 to 43 percent of cobras that eat the same species. There are also around 4 percent of them eating their own species. From this, the researchers concluded that cannibalism is a characteristic of cobra species.

7. The fact! Those who become predators and victims are male cobras

 Cobra Facts

Researchers have been suspicious from the start with the nature of male cobra. But research is still continuing to ascertain whether this is true or not.

Martiz was suspicious that the need was in the context of competition.
Apparently there are many unique facts that you must know, one of them is the practice of cannibalism carried out by this cobra. If you see a snake that eats someone else, it might be something they usually do.

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