Trimming Cat Nails: An Expert Guide for Stress-Free Nail Clipping

Cats have an all-natural propensity to climb up and damage, as well as they may do numerous tasks outdoors that keep the intensity of their nails to a minimum.

The common housecat, on the other hand, can rest approximately 18, in some cases 20 hours each day and also do very couple of activities that would lower or keep these sharp expansions. Even if your indoor cat is declawed, the back claws can be really sharp and also inflict discomfort when made use of for grip, such as leaping off of your lap.

The best way to stop injury to you as well as your pet cat is to learn just how to cut a cat’s nails.

The Sooner the Better

Start handling and also pressing the paws to extend the nail as very early as possible.

A kitty that is used to her paws being taken care of is less most likely to pull away as well as stay clear of the interaction. Older cats might find issue with the intro of clipping, yet they can become familiar with it.

The Devices

Several different devices can be utilized to trim the nails. Routine human fingernail clippers can be utilized, as well as there are also devices with a scissor or guillotine shape designed just for animal nail trimming. Whichever device you choose, ensure it is sharp. A dull edge can crush the nail rather than sufficing. This can leave split, jagged nail sides as well as be incredibly uncomfortable for the pet cat.

Check the producer’s service warranty on the blade. Some do not featured a guarantee, and others supply substitutes with time or in the event of the blade becoming dull. Various other important devices to carry hand includes styptic powder and also cornstarch, and some groomers also suggest a bar of soap to use on the nail in instance blood loss happens.


Look for a time when the cat is calm and also secure. Carefully hold a paw and press it to prolong a nail. If the cat withdraws today, try to continue this procedure for a couple of days without any clipping. When you feel your pet cat has ended up being comfortable with her paws being handled, introduce the clipping on one paw and gauge the response.

If the cat does not appear troubled by the clipping, continue to various other nails. If she withdraws or withdraw her paws after the initial clipping, attempt to clip just one paw each day and when your pet is tranquil.

What to Cut

The goal of cutting the nails is to get rid of the sharp side.

The cut does not require to be much back on the nail to achieve this, and pay special interest to the “quick” of the nail. The fast will appear pink on light tinted nails, and also this location homes capillary as well as nerves that can cause discomfort as well as bleeding when cut.

Assessing your very own finger nails, you can see white on the edge as well as pink toward your cuticle. If you have ever before damaged or shed a nail where it impacted the pink area, you know just how agonizing that kind of injury can be. It can be just as excruciating for your family pet, so try to see to it you can see the quick and also leave enough range from the cut.

For darker or black nails, you can beam a light behind the nail or play it secure and just trim the edge off.

Video clip Directions
In the short video below, veterinarian Christianne Schelling demonstrates specifically how to trim a feline’s nails.

Extra Resources

Washington State College’s College of Veterinary Medication supplies a step-by-step overview to trimming a pet cat’s nails. The ASPCA additionally has actually a guide called “Toenail Cutting 101.” If you find that you are still having problem with the pet cat’s response or ensuring cuts on the nails, consult your vet.

With perseverance and technique this regimen can end up being easy and also normal for you and also your cat. Your plants, furniture and skin will certainly value it too!

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